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About Feral Desire Entertainment

Welcome to my Patreon page!
Here you will find the game Will Deprived, a hentai game made by Feral Desire Entertainment.

What? 'Shut up and show me the game already!" ... but.. ok fine here:
Public version: v0.0.1.3

For those that want a bit more information, what the plans are and what to expect, I will continue. :)

About Feral Desire Entertainment:
Feral Desire is a hobby company run by me, Crazed Owl. I am a self employed game designer / programmer / pixel artist. I have worked for a few game companies in the past, but now I will make an awesome hentai game for you guys! Besides this I have a part-time job to provide a steady income.

About Will Deprived:
So what can you expect from Will Deprived? What type of hentai is there? What type of game is it?

What about updates?
Currently Will Deprived is a hobby project and I have to find a good balance between update size and release time. My current thoughts on this is to update the game every 2 months.

What types of hentai can you expect?
Here is a list of what's planned:
Tentacles, Monsters, Humans, Giant Insects, Swarms of Critters/Bugs, Machine, Rape, Large Insertion, Body Deformation, Urination, Eggs, Pregnancy and Giving Birth. Maybe a light form of Ryona? Not sure about that one yet.

What type of game is it?
Will Deprived is an adventure game where you control a 19 year old girl named Sarah or whatever you would like to call her. She will wake up from cryo-sleep "somewhere" and you explore from there. You will need to figure out what to do to progress the game. Hentai scenes will be part of the "figuring out what to do". You can find items, wear or not wear certain clothes, interact with objects and talk with people or things... In addition you will be able to coach Sarah into certain personality traits, this will influence future events. Lastly you can expect a variety of endings based on your choices.

What about sound?
Currently there is no sound in the game. But I want my own unique sounds in there.
-Music and sound effects:
For these I plan on hiring a sound designer/composer I know to make background music and sound effects for the game. And I want the music to change to what is going on in the game!
-Hentai effects:
I plan on recording these myself, hu? No no no not like that! Take a pickle and a jar of mayonnaise and let those have a go at it. Yes this is how they make sounds for "professional" porn movies.. (Picture that next time you watch one!) XD I know some people in the industry that have proper sound recording equipment so I can get you guys some good quality food mating! :D
I have a friend who wants to do voice acting!! So if I can hire her she will give us some unique moans and groans :) Maybe even have all dialog be spoken? That would be amazing! Check out a sample of her voice:  Sarah's voice.

Some key features:
-Playable with one hand!
-Hentai scenes are integrated with the game mechanics!
-Hentai scenes can be easily revisited as many times you want within the game itself!
-Crisp and responsive controls! (like a proper game)
-A large variety of ways to go through the story. (to create a high replayability factor!)
-Extensive hentai scenes with complete control.
-Attention to detail because the little things matter!

Thank you!
Thank you for checking out Will Deprived, I hope you enjoy it!
I would greatly appreciate it if you became a Patreon supporter! :)

If you can't or won't become a supporter but want this to continue then please comment on a forum or post a link to this page somewhere. That will help spread the word! :)

Thank you again and happy adventuring!
Crazed Owl
$20.87 of $500 per month
Sound & Voice!

At this rate I will be able to hire people for sound and get our very own voice actress!
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