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Feed the Cats
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The patrons on this Tier  feed the cats. It takes $370 minimum to feed  all the feral cats  on the farm. They don't eat the cheapest food, nor  do they eat the most expensive. They eat the food that has good  nutritional value + is easy to get + they like to eat. That would be 90%  Fancy Feast Classic Pate + 10% Sheba pate + Kibble. 

1. Access to TomTom and Baby Theo's Patron Only Feed

2.  Sneak Peek Photo's and Videos

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Cat Health
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The patrons on this Tier  provide for the health of the cats. Right now, the mama cat is in bad shape and desperately needs acute care by a vet (see the post.) The Humane Society provides deep discounts on neuters and shots, but not health care or medication.

1. Free PDF or APK of The Little Mousy Book

2. Copy of Medical Invoice/Records

3. Personal PDF of the children's ebook TOMTOM and BABY Theo

Cat Enrichment and Welfare
per month
The Patrons in this tier support special projects such as the cattery and catwalk, plus heating and bedding needs in the winter.

1. Patrons who fund an entire project or seasonal needs get Naming rights for the project. ie: Joanne's Cattery : The Smith Family Cat Walk,  Bill Jones Heating and Hay, 2018, etc...

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Hi Patrons,

TOMTOM and Baby Theo want to meet, mingle, and make friends with people and pets that would love to get involved and help create a year round feral cat and kitty refuge built within part of a large barn that is located on a hobby farm in rural Wisconsin. We've got the time, space and place to make it happen! Let TomTom and Baby Theo take you on an exciting journey of feral fanfare, fun, and  friendship!

Here are the everyday things that feral cats need:

-- Food and water
-- Shelter  
-- Litter
-- Seasonal heat and lighting
-- Fresh hay
-- Blankets 
-- Neutering, spay, vaccinations, acute vet care and medicine, as the need arises

Here are first year to-do projects
-- Build-in the barn cattery for healthy cats for winter + recovery area for recovering cats [This is a most critical project because right now the feral  'mom' cat is back (see post: Meet the Mom) and she desperately needs acute vet care. But even if she gets the medical help she needs, including neutering to stop the pregnancies -- which  her acute care will be expensive in itself, there is no place for her to safely recover.]
-- Cat cage to capture on-site and sojourning ferals (for neutering or vet care, as needed)
-- A catwalk! An elevated wooden cat walk for winter walking! This simple project idea came as a result of seeing several feral cats with frostbite last winter.
-- Surveillance equipment to monitor the barn in order to keep up with our feral friends

Please become a loving and compassionate Patron for feral cats and kitties and let's collaborate!

Warm regards,

A friend of feral cats and kitties

1. Why is it so expensive to feed and house wild cats? It's cheaper to be a sponsor of a child!
Yes, we agree. We are not a large NGO nor do we have any affiliation to a larger organization and when it comes to cost -- scale matters. Also, we have to purchase  food and materials locally and see a vet locally. Since, we live in a rural area, there is no competition and so the costs are pretty high. Much higher than even I would have expected. Luckily, the humane society has a neutering and vaccination program that reduces the costs, but alas, no vet care or medications.

2. Why feral cats?
This began when a feral mom cat (the one posted) came late last summer with her 3 kittens. Before then, for 7 years, no wild cats came on or stayed on this property. I left the little feral family alone, but fed the mother who was so small and thin. The kittens seemed to be still weaning a bit. By fall, two of her kittens became injured and very ill, respectively,  about a month apart. At the time, the kittens were about 9 or 10 weeks old. Those two are Baby Theo, who had two broken legs and TOMTOM who was quite ill, needing hospitalization multiple times. I already had a houseful of dogs, but the kittens needed care and winter was nearing. The cost of those two alone was nearly $2,000.  Meanwhile, the third kitten was outside and still healthy, with an adult Tabby. Mom was long gone.

Over winter, I provided needed care for those two and other sojourner cats who wandered through. By spring of this year, the entire outside group of feral farm cats (5, including mom by my count) had survived a most difficult and cold, but rather dry winter. TOMTOM and Baby Theo stayed indoors and adapted to civilized life.

The ferals outside need to be neutered and vaccinated, and a few need acute care, especially the mom, who returned in July 2018 -- this year. The energy, time, and costs have been substantial and it's a labor of love that needs support.  I believe there are enough animal lovers who perhaps can't have a pet  or don't have the time, but who would like to help. Feral cats are not often liked, but I believe they have a really bad rap and ultimately, it's not their fault that they are feral. Every feral cat is directly or indirectly the result of a human who has dumped a domestic cat at some point. If we neuter these precious animals, then we can begin to solve the problem of unwanted cats. The rural environment is incredibly brutal on these animals, as they are domestics who have been left to fend for themselves. Urban living, while still difficult, offers more human interaction and food options, plus helps keep the rodent population down!

$0 of $3,500 per month
To meet the daily nutrition and maintenance needs and acute medical care of the 5 onsite and sojourning feral cats and kitties in the area; to complete the 2018 projects and to reach vaccination and neutering goals. 

5 4 onsite feral cats for neutering
4  on-site feral cats for vaccinations
1 on-site feral cat acute care for frost bite.   recovered.

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