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Just some support, you also get a role in my discord!

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Above benefits and...

You can send a set once a month up to 30 minutes for me to watch and I'll give you a detailed document with feedback, breaking down your gameplay and how you can approach the game in a different way.

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Above benefits and...

You can send an additional 30 minutes or less set to review and I'll do it on stream live where we can actively dissect the gameplay in real-time to further reinforce the information given. 

A streamed FT5 once a month with some feedback given after the set on stream. 



About Ferg's Dojo

Hey, I'm Fergus from Ireland, I go by Fergus2k8 on most platforms.

I'm responsible for the character overview which has helped countless people choose their character - https://twitter.com/Fergus_TK/status/8032730958803...

I've competed in many tournaments and even made it to the Tekken World Tour Finals twice in 2017 + 2018 along with many high placements in EU and abroad.

I've collaborated with The Blasted Salami on a few of their videos, notably the character overview, Asuka breakdown and Julia Breakdown - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5GTc4yWm-yiBFTuV3MsGaQ

I love giving to the community in terms of learning resources and entertainment through my gameplay experiences. If you would like to support my journey through the professional Tekken scene, any money I raise the though Patreon will be used to cover the costs of travelling internationally for Tekken events. Hopefully through my coaching and feedback I can not only give back to the community and improve their gameplay, but represent them on the global stage!

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