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About Fey LittleWing Photography

I received my first camera when I was five. Kodak Instamatic, 126. I still have those first snapshots, and from that point forward, it seems I have always had a camera in my life, or felt a little lost during those times when I didn't. Being an only child, and moving from place to place throughout my childhood, the camera was my friend, something that could come with me anywhere and share the experience. A confirmation, that "I was here". I began taking my photography seriously when I was living in Italy in my twenties. Saturated with the hundreds of years of history all around me on a daily basis within the art, the buildings, the trees, the rivers, and the people, something clicked in my head, and I started observing the world beyond that of a simple art student/ tourist photographer quickly trying to snap the shot for documentation, and really started to SEE things around me. I could see how the past translated to the present, and possibly even to the future, and that each of the moments I captured with my camera, would never be duplicated, not by me, not by another, each photo would forever be, one of a kind, one unique moment.
When I started, in truth, photography was not my art, painting was, and I used my photographs as the basis for my paintings. I was a purist, and believed that if I could not achieve my vision in a darkroom, then it was somehow cheating. My art photography at that time was mostly confined to black and white self-portrait series, which in fact have been going on sporadically for the last eighteen years. In my late thirties, my thoughts on art photography changed, and I am so thankful they did.
Photography is a very special art. A photograph does something that the human eye can never do, it stops a moment. The human eye is constantly in motion, so at best, we can only take in an impression of what we believe is happening around us. The camera, on the other hand, is entirely objective, and allows us the opportunity to revisit a moment time after time, and take something new away, each time we look at it. Most do not realize the magic, because they are too determined to capture the perfect shot, but in my mind all photos offer us this same opportunity to see something around us, that we could never see in any other way.
So too, even when a photo is aggrandized. In my late thirties, I was introduced to two things that would change my process completely, Quantum Physics and the iPad. The iPad became the tool, the magic wand, so to speak, that would finally allow me to create the visions and ideas in my head, within a single medium. Quantum Physics, well, it confirmed for me, things I had known and believed since I was a very small child, but could never fully verbalized, and taught me many new things as well, that dramatically altered how I see the world, and more importantly, how I look through the camera.
Quantum Physics tells us, that our eyes are taking in billions of pieces of information every single second. We are bombarded. However, our brains are only capable of deciphering a minute fraction of what we are receiving. It also tells us, that an infinite number of realities exist simultaneously, but then as each of us act as our own observer, we crush those realities down into a single believable reality, it is called the theory of Wave Function Collapse. That got me thinking, how much are we not even aware of going on around us? What is happening in these other realities, around us, to us, that we can't see, because we don't believe we can see it?
My work has been exploring these questions over the last five years through macro photography, of complete complex worlds within our frame of reality, namely insects, which we can readily believe in, and then in my emotionally driven Nature Mandalas, taken from my nature photographs and altered, which are meant to be meditative visions of one of the realities going on all around us, that we probably are not believing of. I consider these to be Divine images, and that even though they are altered images, they are no less "real", simply another reality. They are created using one or more mathematically based formulas: fractal, kaleidoscope, Droste effect, sacred geometry and/ or the Golden Ratio which is found in all of nature, whether it be how trees grow, how water flows, how minerals fracture, how a snail shells spiral, how birds fly, how fish swim, how insects carry huge loads, or how humans and other mammals are able to to function without falling over. My goal in this current work is to bring awareness to the connectedness of the the world and ourselves, that the divine in life is not the exclusive right of human beings, but that everything is divine and precious and necessary, even if you don't like it, even if it is too small to see, or outside of field of reality, and that everything we do, in fact, affects everything else, and so in turn, will return to affect us. None of us can escape The Butterfly Effect, and so must think carefully, about even the smallest of actions, and what their larger ramifications might be.
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