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Hi ! Thank you for reading this :) If you are interested in supporting me, you're at the right place !
If you landed here by accident or don't really know me, here's a little paragraph where I talk about me :
I'm first of all an aspiring game maker. I currently am a modder, mostly for the game Satisfactory (https://www.satisfactorygame.com/). My goal is to make mods (and other things, applications or bots for example) to get some practice and accumulate knowledge about developing, game-making and computer science in general. I am a very curious guy who wants to get good. I am currently following online courses to learn developing and game-making and not going to a real school, which is a risky path.
More on the real life side, I'm 17 and still living at my dad's. I'm french but speak english good enough to have meaningful conversations.

All of that might be a bit personal but I don't want to be a stranger to you if you think about supporting me :)

If you decide to donate to me, you would make my day ! Having supporters behind me would boost my confidence (a resource I lack) and reassure me. Other than that, sorry but I do not having any real bonus I can give you in return for your support. I do take suggestions for mod ideas and will probably rank a supporter's suggestion higher than others, but I do not promise anything as I want to make things I like in the first place

Thank you for reading me, and I hope I didn't scare you off :)

PS: Don't forget to revoke your patronage to do a one-time only donation
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