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About Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons

How secure are your computer and smartphone right now? What about your online accounts? Who has your data and with whom are they sharing it? You probably have no clue. That's a problem. And it's just one of several I can solve for you.

My Mission

I'm on a mission to educate regular, everyday, non-technical people on how to guard their data from tracking and protect their digital devices from hacking. Today, our privacy is under constant assault from ad companies - and by that, I mean Google and Facebook - but there are literally thousands of data brokers behind the scenes that you've also never heard of. But it gets worse. Our computers, cell phones and smart devices are also being held for ransom by opportunistic hackers with greater frequency and effectiveness.

But what can you do? How can you possibly protect yourself against the hordes of hackers and the legions of trackers? Like putting on sunscreen, wearing a seat belt and installing smoke alarms in the real world, there are dozens of simple (many free) things you can do right now to significantly protect yourself in the digital world. My goal is to help you and your loved ones understand the basics of computer security and walk you through the steps you should take to defend your data and devices.

An All-of-the-Above Approach

Different people learn in different ways. But I have you covered! The first thing I did was to write a book, Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons. Now in its fourth edition, it has over 400 pages including 170 tips with step-by-step instructions and screenshots. It's specifically geared towards people who are not computer experts - and it's actually fun to read! (You don't have to take my word for it - just skim the reviews for the current and the 3rd edition.)

But I also want to keep people up to date on a more regular basis, and provide other ways to learn. So I created a blog, a newsletter and a weekly podcast. Each week in the podcast I cover the top news stories and interview industry experts, all targeted at normal, non-geeky people around the globe who want to make sure they're not the slowest antelope in the herd. The biweekly blog and newsletter contain short articles with actionable steps to protect your privacy or up your cybersecurity game.

The mainstream media, despite good intentions, sucks at covering highly-technical topics like cybersecurity and online privacy. Yes, they over-hype the wrong things to get your attention (and make more ad revenue). But they also just don't have the experience to identify what's truly important for most people nor do they have the expertise to explain it in a way that the average person can understand and act on. That's my skill. That's my calling. I want to help you get past the hype, filter out the click-bait, and focus on the stuff that matters.

As a patron of Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons, you will get bonus podcast content, previews of upcoming podcast topics and guests, behind the scenes info on the podcast and future books, and more!

Thank You!!

I want to be sure to thank everyone who has already supported me on this journey so far - from the initial KickStarter campaign to write the first edition of the book, to all my Twitter and Facebook followers, blog readers, newsletter subscribers, students, and podcast listeners!

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Goal one: BREAK EVEN! The podcast and blog cost money to operate: web, video and podcast hosting, photo royalties, several podcasting tools and services, and business costs. I'm using free tiers where I can, but this is a bare minimum cost to do this right! When you add it all up, it's about $200 a month. So that's my first goal!
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