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About First Strike

"So this just happened. After playing for 23 years I am going to a Pro Tour. Thanks to the Nation for telling me to Draft UR. I had a red drafter to the left and a Grixis drafter to the right, the deck wasn't optimal and still won. Amazing deck." - Karel R.

"The First Strike Nation group is the most effective resource for advancing competitive learning." - Dan M.

Hey everyone! This is KYT. First of all, thank you so much for checking out our Patreon. The First Strike podcast is one of the proudest projects I have ever created but I need your help to keep the ship going.

Your donations for our first goal will be used solely to help pay for podcast hosting as well as to invest in better equipment and technology to make the show the best that it possibly can be.

The First Strike podcast will always be free. With that in mind, I feel our Patrons deserve more than just an exclusive Patreon feed or uncensored versions of our podcasts.

I'm blessed that the First Strike team is comprised of individuals who have succeeded at the highest levels of competition. Unlike most content producers that are scared to show off their secret decks, by becoming a First Strike Nation member (which is the 10/month tier), we are going to pull the curtain back. You will get exclusive access to exactly what we are testing for upcoming tournaments. You will also gain access to an exclusive Facebook group so that we can work together as a team to conquer the competition.

For our draft fanatics, we will have draft rankings that we will update throughout the season so you don't have outdated info a month after a set is released.

If that's not all, we are in the process of building sideboard guides for every major Standard and Modern deck. We are going to start with 0 but starting in March, we will be adding/updating a guide or two every Friday. This will require an ungodly amount of work but again, we want to provide so much value that your pledge won't feel like a donation.

Thanks for reading!

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