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Besides gaming and often good music, I think it is of utmost importance to have a laugh and good time, to be entertained, to have fun.

Whatever I do, I do it from the bottom of my heart and I have fun with it which means YOU are all a part of me, a part of THE TEAM, a team I like to call SPESHUUUL. We are all very different and that's what makes us super special.

I've met people over internet from all over the world, different religions, different beliefs and none of it matter because we all like to have a good laugh.

If you want to have a laugh with me you're more than welcome ;)

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About Flambass

I'm Flambass and I'm a streamer and a Youtuber.
I'm from Croatia even though I really like to (attempt) speak in other languages a lot.
I play all sorts of games but mostly World of Warships, for which I'm also a community contributor.
What that means is, I get to talk to WarGaming staff and development team directly, test the ships that are being prepared to hit live servers for mass audience before others and sometimes have an impact on what changes in the game itself which is AWESOME. And YOU get to experience it all with me via my live streams on Twitch or videos I upload to Youtube, or even chatting about it with me and many others on my own discord channel.
I go over stats of ships initially to have an idea what I'm getting myself into and what to expect but most of my reviews and guidelines come from LIVE testing which YOU get to see first hand.

If you do want to support what I do, than you are more than welcome because without your support I couldn't keep doing it.
I wanna thank you in advance and welcome you to the team ;)

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