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Video game preservation in this day is more important than ever, with people desperately trying to future-proof as much as possible. I am one of these people that are similarly trying to retain the past, though from a different angle.

My interest is to scan books from the video game industry. These include manuals from different games, along with more obscure tie-in materials like light novels and manga. Currently I have successfully scanned books from franchises like Fire Emblem, Sakura Wars, Guilty Gear, and Puyo Puyo. I also try to prioritize quality by aiming for a highly clarity and resolution.

The purpose of this Patreon is to get extra funding to streamline the scanning process. The main bottleneck is the lack of funding, drastically slowing down the scanning process. If you can fund this Patreon, I will be able to scan materials from manga, light novels, and manuals much faster. 

For an archive of all my older scans so far, please follow @FlareScans on Twitter or follow the website Gaming Alexandria

So please monthly fund my efforts to see some genuinely interesting stuff!

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