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Hey, everybody's gotta start somewhere! 

Welcome to my kitchen crew! You get full access to the ongoing cooking memoir of the greatest Halfling chef to ever skewer a Goblin.
Every recipe and story and drawing shall be yours to peruse as I commit them to paper!
You also get to join our Flavor Text Adventures community on Discord, where you can discuss recipes, exchange tips, share pictures of your successes (and hilarious fails), and revel in the camaraderie and glory only found in the grandest of battlefields - the kitchen!  

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You've moved up, closer to the action!
And for that, you not only get to enjoy the monthly journal entries as well as join our Discord community, but you'll also get to save digital copies of them of your very own. Stories, recipes, art, all yours to download.
You'll also get special thanks credit on Flavor Text Adventures' upcoming Twitch channel, videos, various printed media, etc.
And, with more power, comes more responsibility. You'll also gain voting privileges on future recipes, stories, etc. You'll get to help determine the paths we go down as we explore the epic culinary adventure that is my life! Important stuff!

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Line Cook

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Now we're talking! Get your hands in there and make the sausage!
Things are getting real now. I like you. I trust you. Don't burn the bacon.
In addition to the previously mentioned rewards for being in my kitchen (apart from basking my glorious and fabulous presence), you'll also unlock access to the nuts and bolts of my stories and how they translate into in-game mechanics of your favorite tabletop fantasy RPG such as D&D, Pathfinder, etc. Maps, monster stats, cooking skill checks, food effects...  You name it!

You'll also gain VIP status on the Flavor Text Adventure (upcoming) Twitch channel, and access to (again, upcoming) video tutorials of my recipes.

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About Flavor Text Adventures

Welcome to the cooking journal and adventure memoir of the most fabulous, most outrageous, most marvelous Halfling chef to ever wield a butcher's cleaver with as much grace and finesse as a rapier - Me!
If you've heard the name Alton Green before (of course you have!) you'd know that it is synonymous with daring adventure, brave deeds, epic tales, and most of all... deliciously cooked meals from the most unlikely and exotic monstrous ingredients!

The adventures I went on to acquire the monstrous ingredients for my famous dishes are full of action, drama, comedy, vivacious victories, and dismal disasters. This cookbook is also my memoir, and every month I’ll share with you a short yet tantalizing tale of my days as an adventurer!

You like to eat, don’t you? Everyone does. How about cooking? In these pages, I will, at long last, share all of my secret recipes with you. Professionally designed, with step by step instructions (including photos), these monstrous recipes are sure to please your family members and gaming group alike.Common substitutes will be given in each recipe, for those of you who are unable, or unwilling, to procure exotic ingredients such as Cave Troll chops, or Dragon tongue.

To bridge the gap between the dinner and gaming tables, I will also include a variety of gaming content each month that will help you bring my own adventures and recipes to life INSIDE your game. Want to know what eating a Fire Mephit will do to your character? Or what skill check you have to succeed in to cook it in the first place? How about exploring a Cave Troll’s lair? I’ve got you covered! I’ll also include tips and insightful inspiration I’ve learned in my years as a storytelling bard, to help you flesh out my stories (and your own), into fully cooked feasts of the imagination!

Flavor Text Adventures is the fantasy cooking blog of a Halfling Bard Chef named Alton Green. Each month Alton will publish
  • a delicious recipe utilizing some exotic monstrous ingredient
  • the short story of it's acquisition
  • art depicting his adventure and the final result
  • in-game stats and inspiration for the adventure and/or recipe and food will be provided in roll20 compatible format
The recipes are real and professionally designed, with real-world substitutions for those of you who cant find Troll meat at your local market.

So whether you're an amateur cook, a kitchen expert, a lover of fantastic daring-dos, or a dungeon master looking for cool new adventure ideas, you'll find something here for you!

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