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About FlickerFilmStudios

Flickerfilmstudios is a youtube channel that was founded by Owen Parker (FlickerHD) in August of 2010. The channel is now in its most active state ever, with videos coming out in waves every week, sometimes daily. Our team consists of 8 people world wide, all with one common goal: Entertain you! We make videos as a hobby in our spare time, but it is getting increasingly harder to keep up with demands and afford new equipment/software. We have resorted to monetization, but we know how much of a pain that is (trust me, we hate ads as much as you). Not only will you be giving us the funds we need to keep the channel afloat, but if we receive enough funding, we will un-monetize our videos, and that means no more annoying ads! From the start, we never cared about how much money we make, we care about having a good time, and bringing that good time to you. None of our profits from Patreon will be pocketed, we will only invest in supplies we need to push forward. Thank you for staying awesome. You guys have made an impact on all of our lives in a positive way. The amount of support we get is truly astonishing. Keep staying awesome! <3
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