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About Flipping The Table

Welcome Adventurers!

Ever since our podcast began on the first of January 2019, our goal has been to create the best actual play Dungeons & Dragons podcast we can. So far, we have managed to get through over 30 episodes by using a combination of willpower, hard work, and dedication. As well as breaking open our piggy banks. If you want to help support us and save the lives of innocent piggy banks, one dollar is all that is required to quench the thirst of our DM. Help put a stop to this cruelty and help keep our DMs flagon filled with your love and admiration. And yes, there are rewards a plenty for completing this quest. What are you waiting for? Become a Patron today!   

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This will allow us to keep our DM at bay for enough time to post some unique homebrew content!!! 
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