is creating Videos on Youtube and a network of Minecraft UHC servers.

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Flouze Crew

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reward item
per month
 - Access the Flouze Crew Minecraft SMP for an entire season, featuring realistic terrain generation.   A new 1.13 season will begin in the future once a stable 1.13 version of spigot is released.

- Access to exclusive patrons-only video content
- VIP Access to the UHC Club House public Discord

- Earn the "Flouze Crew" ranks on the UHC servers
- Invitation to large scale Special Events (special events that allow for large amounts of participants, like special Factions events, or the occasional UHC Club House Recorded Round).

Includes Discord benefits

Flouze Crew Turbo

reward item
reward item
per month
- All Flouze Crew rewards

- VIP Access to the UHC Club House public Discord, and the ability to promote videos and streams in the appropriate Discord channels.

- Flouze Crew Turbo can spectate UHCs instead of playing them, and/or can posthumously spectate the UHCs games. In certain games, there's a chance Flouze Crew Turbo patrons can get whitelisted and late scattered to a UHC game even if a little bit late, if circumstances allow.

- Earn the "Flouze Crew" rank on 1.12 UHC server (when we et that functionality working)
- Invites to Exclusive Special Events (Co-op Dragon Rush, One-Life Style Adventure Maps, Cards vs Humanity Games, rabb.it watch parties, etc). Note that Flouze Crew Prime will have priority when amount of spots are limited.

Includes Discord benefits

Flouze Crew Prime

reward item
reward item
per month
- All the Flouze Crew and Flouze Crew Turbo rewards.

- Unique VIP Discord Role in the UHC Club House Discord server, with your own voice chat.

- Access to the future Modded Minecraft SMP for an entire season (Mod pack still under construction).  
- Prime patrons will be heavily prioritized when it comes to forming and adding more UHC hosts to the servers, and is the best way to become a game host.

 - You'll receive a priority invitation to Special Events (Co-op Dragon Rush, One-Life Style Adventure Maps, Cards vs Humanity Games, rabb.it watch parties, etc). Flouze Crew prime members will also have priority votes when deciding when these events are held. 

Includes Discord benefits




per month

About Flouzemaker

Hello my single, solitary viewer!

I've enjoyed making gaming videos (mostly Minecraft), composing songs, and sharing them all with you on YouTube. If you have been entertained by these past and future videos, know that your potential patronage can help create more videos, by helping cover the costs of internet bills, recording, broadcasting, editing and graphic designing software, audio licensing, server maintenance costs, as well as the potential purchases of games to stream or showcase in future videos.

That said, this Patreon aims to do more than merely assist me in my own video creation endeavors. My ambition, by joining forces with Sten_Stone, is also to build and grow a larger community, the UHC Club House, around which many other Minecraft video creators can get the opportunity to create content of their own!

The heart and hub of the community is the UHC Club House discord, which is free to join (even if you don't become a patron) with the link below!

The goal is to use this community to bring us closer and play more block game together; including on patron Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Servers, like The Flouze Crew SMP (vanilla Minecraft featuring realistic terrain generation) and the upcoming Modded Minecraft SMP (Mod pack still under construction), or in Moderated 1.8 and 1.12 UHC games on our UHC Club House servers.  Other events are also in the works, like PvP arenas, special Factions events, Adventure Maps, or the occasional UHC Club House Recorded Round!

All of these servers and events will help Sten_Stone and I create YouTube and Twitch content of our own, but they will also allow any YouTube creator who is part of the UHC Club House community to use these to record, stream and provide entertainment for their own viewers.

Creating, managing and improving these SMPs, UHC servers, PvP arenas and other mini-games comes at a cost, and this is where your patronage can help Sten, myself, and the UHC Club House create a flourishing community for players, viewers, and content creators! 

In the past, YouTube revenue itself could have funded these servers, but YouTube's changing algorithms, demonetization policies and new partnership standards have changed the game entirely. Now, it's your help and patronage can help us keep the boat afloat and the dream alive. 

Thank you for taking the time to read all this, thank you for your patronage, and I hope we can SMP or UHC together soon!
$100 - reached! per month
Adding up the costs of video production (recording, editing & broadcasting) software and hardware, internet usage, music licensing, and all the expenses associated with creating, improving and expanding the multiple servers needed for the UHC Club House community, $100 is the mark TommySX & I need to reach for sustainability.
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