Fluffy Butt Arts is creating livestreams of art, cosplay, and more!

Corgi Pupper

$1 /mo
Lovable, cute, and oh-so-precious, even a $1 makes you a precious corgi pup.  Your support means the world to me, no matter how small. <3


Corgi Pupper unlocks:

-Corgi ...


Awkward Teen Corgi Pupperoni

$3 /mo
$3 boosts you into the undeniably adorable Awkward Teen Corgi Pupperoni stage!  Tiny legs and poofing hair, you're just as precious as the rest.


Teen Pupperoni unlocks:

-All prev...


Corgi Doggo

$5 /mo
A $5 pledge, and you're all grown up!  You're a full-fledged corgi ready to run with the rest of them, and a perfect doggo companion to help me reach my goals!

Corgi Doggo unlocks:


Fluffy Corgo Doggo

$10 /mo
By pledging $10 a month, you've decided to not only be a full-grown precious corgi doggo, but you're a rare and elusive fluffy one at that!

Fluffy Corgi Doggo unlocks:

 -All p...



$15 /mo
I get it, you're here for the cosplay.  You've got your stuff all dressed up and you're ready to strut.  You don't need me to tell you how to draw pictures, why, you're a walking piece of art!  

Majestic Show Corgo

$20 /mo
As a Majestic Show Corgo, you don't want to brag but... you're kind of the greatest.  For pledging $20, you're showing the world that you're worthy of a gold medal, and all the pets.


Rich Mobster Corgi

$50 /mo
You're here to support, and you mean it.  You got a doggo treat cigar in your mouth.  You're connected.  You're got that fat stack and you want to see some gah-dang art happen, so you throw your wa...