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Recorder is the coolest instrument. Always was, always will be.

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I have played recorder for a long time, and at some point I decided to start writing my own music. I was looking for two kinds of music
  • Melodically interesting music for a solid intermediate level player, and
  • Ensemble music, preferably somewhat contemporary, for a larger group than a quartet.
  • I have written several pieces along these lines that I'm happy with, and I'll probably keep writing at a pace of several pieces a year. Support through Patreon mainly serves to motivate me to keep creating. Also, I hope to acquire a contra bass recorder at some point; until I do, I'm unlikely to incorporate that instrument in my ensemble writing.


    Austin, TX, USA

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    I write compositions, for recorders in various combinations, in styles that range from faux-renaissance to somewhat contemporary. Your support here is as much moral as monetary: it tells me there are people who care about my music, and that will motivate me to write more. If you want to see what I write, check out My compositions and arrangements on IMSLP. Everything I write will always be published for free there.
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