Fog City Gamer is creating YouTube videos about unboxings, gaming, and other shenanigans.

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I am eternally grateful! With just 2$ a month you are helping out the channel way more than Youtube's ad revenue system ever could. Plus, you receive access to patron only content! Such video tease...

Friends of Fog City

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For the price of booster pack a month you can help increase the frequency of content on the channel. As well as access to the previous tier, you'll get access to the aftermath of the videos (usuall...

Fog City Fan Club

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For just 10$ a month you help increase the frequency and quality of content on the channel, plus you get special thanks in the end of each video! As well as access to previous.

Fog City Super Friends

$20 /mo
As well as access to the previous tiers, you will be sent a signed full art land, from Hour of Devastation, Amonkhet,Battle for Zendikar, or a basic Energy card.