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If every follower gives just a dollar a month, it adds up to a lot of cash to help us work towards making #FolkloreThursday sustainable, for ever, and ever, and ever* ...

(*Immortality clauses apply)
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Do you publicise your work or events through #FolkloreThursday? Consider supporting us!

Many writers, artists and organisations promote their books, items for sale, and their talks and events each Thursday*. We don't receive any money for providing a place for people to share their wares, so do consider dropping a coin in the hat (about £3.50) so we can continue to promote your fantastic work!

(*Our guidelines allow for one folklore-related product promotion each week per person, so that everyone sees your amazing wares and events, but the feed isn't swamped with sales pitches. Although, do be aware that pledging does not guarantee a retweet, so it's not actually that shifty after all ...)




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LATEST NEWS: From our 3rd birthday in June 2018, ALL of our Patreon sponsors will become eligible to receive the latest books and folklore goodies we source from publishers, writers and artists — at least one Patreon will be selected each month to receive a gift as a thanks for their support!

Firstly, we'd like to thank all of our wonderful Patreon sponsors, who really do all make #FolkloreThursday possible, as well as thank everyone who volunteers with us, writes such amazing articles, and every single person who comes on the hashtag day each Thursday to share in the glorious lore that makes #FolkloreThursday what it is!

The #FolkloreThursday hashtag day runs weekly, each Thursday, on Twitter and is moderated from the @FolkloreThurs account between 9am and 8pm UK time. The website (http://www.folklorethursday.com) is updated weekly with a range of fabulous articles about selected folklore topics and the best folklore events and happenings in the global folklore community. You can sign up for our monthly newsletter via website, where you can find out all the latest #FolkloreThursday news, receive exclusive discounts on folklore books, as well as enter our competitions!

#FolkloreThursday is run solely on a voluntary basis, taking around 20-50 hours a week between us to monitor the hashtag, organise articles for the website and keep everything running smoothly! At the moment, we have nearly 26,000 Twitter followers joining in the hashtag day, and an average of 30,000 website visits each month - all with no money coming in to help with website costs, the hosting package fees, prospective mailing list charges, or the time it takes to run. While we've appeared in the Independent newspaper and on the BBC, we don't receive any external funding to help us, and that means we have no money coming in to grow into something bigger! (In fact, at the moment we're scared to push #FolkloreThursday anymore, as we will soon be whacked with a massive bill for website hosting — help us to shout about #FolkloreThursday and get even more people joining in by pledging just a little each month to help us!) You can pledge any monthly amount over one dollar, but we've given a few pledge amounts and ideas here on this page to start you off ... right from a $1 a month 'appreciative nod' through to a $15 a month 'tip of the hat' to be an official #FolkloreThursday patron.

If you love #FolkloreThursday and find yourself clicking post after post for hours on end each Thursday, do consider making a pledge to help us keep #FolkloreThursday alive and sustainable. All pledges - however small - will be gratefully received and seen as a tip of the hat to the work we're doing to build a place for folklore at the modern fireside that the internet has become!
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At the moment, we're really nervous of getting up to SHOUT about #FolkloreThursday. The reason?

Right now we're getting around 12,000 website hits a month, and we have a steadily growing number of newsletter subscribers. We're at risk of reaching our tech limits! While everything is going really well, we really need to upgrade our hosting and mailing list packages, and we need your help to do it!

We want to spend more hours making #FolkloreThursday BIGGER and BETTER - even a small pledge from you each month will help us to make that happen!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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