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Together we fill the caves beneath the ice, the streets of Atrius, the ships of the Technocracy, the forests of the Silent One, and more. Join us, Citizen, and have our boundless gratitude.

This tier has access to digital rewards including; early access to episodes, an exclusive RSS with no ads, access to production blog posts, the first episodes of The White Vault mini-series Artifact, Imperial, and Iluka, The White Vault musical, bonus audio content, the intro themes and ringtones from the shows, and a personal welcome video from the team.


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You have heard the tales and joined us across our worlds. But there is more, much more, and you must become initiated… join us.

This tier has access to digital rewards including; early access to episodes, an exclusive RSS with no ads, access to production blog posts, access to all episodes of The White Vault mini-series Artifact, Imperial, Iluka, and Avrum, access to the exclusive Discord channels on our server, The White Vault musical, bloopers, more bonus audio content, the intro themes and ringtones from the shows, and a personal welcome video from the team.
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There is so much more hiding beneath the surface. Pour over the pages, delve into the lore, and research that which should not be known… join us.

This tier has access to all digital rewards from the lower tiers, as well as; the full soundtracks to our shows, the PDFs for The Citizen’s Guidebook to Atrius, Liberty: AFTER Core Rulebook, the Fringe Iconography Guidebook, the Dark Dice campaign Domain of the Nameless God (D&D5e campaign), the True Necromancer Class, and early access to our pen and paper content!
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About Fool & Scholar Productions

We’re Travis and Kaitlin, the creators behind Fool & Scholar Productions. First, thank you for joining our Patreon, where our community of fans come together to sustain our creations.  With your support, we create award-winning audio adventures, like The White Vault and Dark Dice podcasts, and with each new member who joins we continue to grow. We have a lot planned and together we work to further frighten and entertain.

So, what's the expected release schedule for upcoming episodes?
  • VAST Horizon - Season 3:: September 28th, October 12th, October 19th, October 26th
  • The White Vault - Season 5:: October 26th, November 2nd, November 16th, November 30rd, December 14th, December 28th, January 11th, January 25th, February 8th, February 22nd

What about the horrors of The White Vault?

Set in the cold far reaches of the Arctic Circle, The White Vault is our multi-award-winning horror audio drama podcast. Discover the horrors lurking in the darkness of the white wastes of Svalbard and beyond.

What about the Dark Dice podcast?
Dark Dice is a horror actual-play D&D podcast that uses impressive soundscapes to create an added layer of immersion. Six travelers embark on a journey into the ruinous domain of the Nameless God. They will never be the same again.

Tell me more about the Liberty podcasts.
There are three podcasts in the world of Liberty.
Liberty: Critical Research is a sci-fi action adventure following an ethnographer who sets off to study the cultures and dangers of the lawless Fringe.
Liberty: Tales from the Tower is an award-nominated series of stand-alone horror stories set within the same sci-fi world.
Liberty: Vigilance is an Actual Play of our AFTER Roleplaying System. Over 60 voice actors and an array of sound effects create an immersive story following the discovery of a sinister plot at the very foundations of Atrius.

And what about VAST Horizon?
VAST Horizon is an award-winning sci-fi epic following the tale of Dr. Nolira Eck. Nolira awakens alone on a colony ship set adrift with numerous mission-critical problems. Alone and unprepared, she uses the knowledge of the ship's A.I. to try and save not only herself, but the sole remaining glimmers of life aboard the crumbling Bifrost. 

So, why become a Member?
We began fiction podcasting six years ago as a fun hobby, writing in a pub near our small Oxford flat. As the show grew and our style developed we kept creating, but producing, hosting, and managing these podcasts became not only a labor of love but also a costly pursuit. Now after half a decade creating shows we focus on podcasting full time, making multiple award-winning shows and more.
By becoming a Patreon member with as little as $5 a month, you help us further our productions and create new shows. You gain access to great perks, like our exclusive patron-only production blog, bonus stories, PDF's of the scripts, music from our shows, early access to episodes, and more. Members even have the opportunity to explore our worlds further with supporter-exclusive stories!

Our Heartfelt Thanks
We aim to make podcasting a more stable part of our lives, and by joining you help make that possible. We love creating shows and hearing back from our fans. We work to create fantastic content, but it means nothing without people to enjoy them. So, if you enjoy our work, please consider becoming a member. And for our current members, thank you. Through your patronage, we've been able to expand and to continue bringing entertainment to fans across the world.

From the Fool and the Scholar,
-Travis & Kaitlin
(and our puppy Eezo)
2,559 of 3,750 patrons
The Team Builder
This one is just for us. 

-We can purchase extra equipment to send out to key voice actors around the world.
-Expand our crew to have a dedicated dialogue co-editor.
-Expand our crew to have a dedicated co-composer.
-Look into [REDACTED] for [REDACTED].
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