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I see people on Patreon basically "$1.00 doesn't get you anything, just knowing you are supporting my content". No, no, no, no, that does not fly with me, you will get something.

Although it isn't much, you will get a personalized email by me every month thanking you for help. You will also get updates about how the content is going, the progress of project, ect.

Even the smaller donators deserve something :)

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This one will get you your know smack dab at the beginning or end of all the videos :)
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So your name will go on the feet of the girl that is in the current video. Now they won't be throughout the video, but they will be at the end.

Not too bad for a $20.00 pledge :) 




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Hello all, I am Andrew (Aka. Foot_Nation #).
You all may be wondering, "what is this, why should I care?!" Well those are very good questions, I will tell you why!
(I. What I create/What I need):
To put it in to a simple term, I do (film) foot "Fetish" videos. Well I maybe should have added that this page is for people who like to admire beautiful feet.
See this whole channel is and always be about no nudity, no sexual content and no prostitution (you would be surprised).
But what started out as just a YouTube channel is now trying to expand to get a whole website up and going, and maybe make it a "YouTube type platform only for foot admirers. But the problem is, this actually costs money believe it or not and it would be tough to afford hosting, domain, ect.
Another major problem is finding models to hire, some girls charge an arm and a leg, but it is my promise to create the best foot videos this side on YouTube. So trust me, it will definitely be worth the money! :)

( II. My promise to the donators!)
I will make this one short and sweet, but it is most important on this description.
My promise to everyone who donates, is I will use the money for things relating to the channel to make my content better.
I promise to not run with the ca$h like a lot would think, I'm not shady at all!
The equipment I will be buying is cameras, lights, backdrops, ect. Things needed to set the tone of the videos, you know to make it look beautiful.

( III.  Is this porn?)
So I know the question is out there, everyone looking at this would think that automatically. But to answer your question, it would be a big fat NO!
Feet have always been a kind of artistic thing in my life, and never ever has actual porn been thought out. The content on here is 100% non-nude, and non-sexual in anyway. This is a clean tasteful experience!

( V. What kind of foot stuff?)
For this one I am just gonna list off the stuff that will be included, and you can fill in the blanks.
  1. Foot tickling
  2. Foot Worship
  3. Foot Admiration (Just quietly admiring beautiful feet!)

(VI. Conclusion)
In conclusion, I would like to say that donating to this is gonna be worth it 100%. This is for the people, the people who truly admire feet. In a tasteful intimate way!
So for the love of God, please help me make this possible! :p
(Example of what my content is right now).

It is time for something new, as great and amazing as this one (^) is! :)
$0 of $500 per month
Once I reach $500.00 per month I will do a 12 hour straight foot worship video! <3
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