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The Mac-n-Cheese

$1 /mo
All the cheesy goodness! Mac-n-cheese is only good when you bake it #facts. So, as a MnC supporter you receive a thank you card baked in love by all three of us. And you'll get a shoutout as a cont...

Mashed Potatoes

$5 /mo
Creamy goodness, the Mashed potato patreon receives a thank you card, a shout out, and a custom sticker with our logo. You will also get access to mini episodes with bloopers and side conversations...

Collard Greens

$10 /mo
The healthy part of the dinner plate, obvi. As a Collard patreon you will receive a thank you note, a shout out, a custom sticker, access to mini episodes, and live q&a during our recording ses...


$25 /mo
A dinner plate is not complete without the yams, js. As a yams supporter you will get all of the other rewards and also first dibs on our tshirts, once we have them printed out (for free of course). 

The dinner Plate

$50 /mo
You get all the things on this plate, plus, you get free access to any paid event we might host. That's right, VIP status, because you deserve it!