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About the Forsaken Network

Hello everyone,
We are the Forsaken Network, a Modded Minecraft Community that has been around for 3+ years! We have always tried to keep our servers running without forcing users to not use certain things in the games, we want you to have the full experience without any compromises. 

So why Patreon?
You are probably asking yourself; what has this got to do with me, and what the hell is Patreon? Don't donations cover the costs?

While donations do cover most of the costs, they don't always, and we don't want to have a pay-wall where you need to donate in order to gain OP perks, as some servers do. Patreon allows us to shift the balance to users who love the server and want it to remain active. We give a little incentive to pledge to us, but nothing that turns us into a "pay-wall" and keeps every user on the same level, with no advantages over each other. 

With your support we can expand and grow into new areas without having to worry about the financial strain of running a network. Your support goes a long way in helping us pursue these goals!
$0 of $100 per month
Reaching this milestone we will do a weekly stream, on Sundays, where we host an event; could be PvP, could be a mini-game. Signups will be throughout the week
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