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Hey how's it going? It's me, Tyriq Plummer.

I'm a lot of things - or, I'm trying to be a lot of things. Mostly I'm a game developer making the roguelike platformer Catacomb Kids, but I'm also a pixel artist and animator, a fledgling musician, and a poet.

I've been amazingly fortunate to be able to work on Catacomb Kids full-time for the past few years and it's done me well, but I'm essentially a solo developer and the game is still a ways off from being finished, and - alas - it ain't gonna keep me afloat forever. In addition, it's been difficult at times having CK be my only guiltless creative outlet as someone with roughly one million other creative ambitions.

And so...I've made this Patreon! To help me keep doing what I love: To allow me to keep working on the game that gives me such pride to call my own, that I pour myself into fully. To expand my horizons and funnel my excess energy into making more things in a guiltless fashion.


If you don't know about Catacomb Kidsgo check it out!
It's my baby.
It's my life.

If you do know about CK and you're wondering how this Patreon squares with the game and its development, here's the plan:
  • CK development will still be my main focus as much as possible, until it becomes untenable. This Patreon is a way to help me avoid that untenability. I have no idea if this will be an effective means of doing so but we'll find out!
  • If you're not into the game and you just want to support cool pixel stuff and musical endeavors that's fine! The updates to this Patreon will be an outlet for a lot of my non-CK-related endeavors like music and art and jam games. (Though I'll probably rant about CK stuff every once in a while too)
  • Similarly, if you're super into Catacomb Kids you won't be missing out on any exclusive CK game-stuff by not becoming a Patron. I ain't tryna double-dip on people who have already supported me by buying the game.

As for the actual things that I make:
  • Aside from working on Catacomb Kids stuff and art commissions, I'm gonna be trying to make a song a month and whatever art and/or game miscellany results from the Thursday streams.
  • Most of what I make will be posted publicly at some point, but Patrons will always get the first look. I'm not secretive or possessive enough to resist the urge to show everyone the things I make sooner or later!
  • I'm still learning about music stuff so if you're expecting something good, stop that. But by gosh I enjoy making tunes so becoming a Patron is acquiescence to becoming a captive audience for my dumb noise.


So that's about the size of it. If you're like "Who's this fool and why does he want my money" that's fair. You can size me up if you like by tuning into my Twitch streams on Monday, Thursday, and Friday, or behold my inane thoughts on twitter at @fourbitfriday, or see what non-Catacomb-Kids pixel work I've done on games at my website, or listen to me croon on my Soundcloud.
91% complete
Whoa, it's working! I'll draw something big and special as thanks!
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