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Get at least one new HQ mod per month Plus all the content already Present in this tier & unlock lower tiers as well. Invite to Patreon only exclusive Discord & 5$ role on discord server is given. Discord has work in progress and much more benefits
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                                           Welcome to my Patreon Page
Thank you for Visiting. This is where i Release VIP Paid Mods and Also this is the Place where you can Support my work and Donate Money for My Projects. Become My Patron choose any reward that fits your Plan.

  • By Unlocking Higher tiers you Unlock all lower tiers automatically.

  • By Joining a tier for example 10$ tier you unlock over 30 cars inside it not just 1 mod. you also unlock all the lower tiers, 5$, 2$ 1$ all of them get unlocked.

  • You can Delete or Remove your pledge any time to avoid getting charged next month People remove their pledges often before next month begins or right after downloading what they need. so its totally fine. Some people are afraid of monthly subscription so dont be, its totally under your control

on the right side of this page you shall find listings of rewards/donation tabs you can invest and get benefits from, All of my Paid and Donation  Content/Mods can be seen, when you scroll down this page to my posts. All the Mods you See here Shall Always Be Patreon Only and no one is Allowed to upload these mods to any Public Website or Groups such as Facebook . Even i won't upload them To public, These Are strictly  for my patrons only :) Featured gallery has tags or short cuts from where u can access all the Download links , Preveiws pictures videos etc and Work in Progress information. and other featured Mods, Like cars etc have a look at Featured Tags on left side of this screen. for your continence i'll post important links here in the line below:
Screenshots, Videos & Previews
All the Download Links so far
Work In Progress Projects

By Supporting Me here you are Helping me, Create Awesome mods, For you Everybody here on my patreon page and also indirectly Supporting My mod work on Public Mods. Please Explore My Page and Select the Rewards or Plans that Suit you the Best. 

your Support here will help me Fund my Zmodeler 3 licnese, 3ds max license, my internet Bill and make me able to upgrade my PC which needs an upgrade for me to be able to make mods in a timely manner, But above all you guys give me motivation to keep making awesome mods for you guys this way by donating and supporting my work. Big Thanks to you all Thumbs up too :D 

Below you can find my contacts for Easy and timely Contact.
                  With your support i can Definitely continue my Creative work

My HomePage:
My Facebook:
My Twitter:
My socialclub:
My Youtube:
My Steam:
My Discord Profile:
My Discord Server invite:

165 of 250 patrons
Patrons will be able to request mods for only 10$ , All mods will be 5$ Maximum price. tiers higher than 16$ will no longer exist.
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