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About Foxy and Wolfy Comics

Hello, welcome to the  Foxy and Wolfy Comics  patreon page! We are thankful for checking us out and would love to have your support. I am Kitsune, the creator and project manager of F/W, we are working very hard to bring you a fun and beautiful story. The purpose of this patreon is to help fund the production, add more content, improve quality and eventually animation. As goals are reached, we will add mystery physical rewards and other contests to give our fans/patreons even more appreciation! As we grow, we will add more comic series~

Our main goal, besides funding, is to promote disabled and LGBTQ characters positively. No different than anybody else. Join us and have fun on our journey together! Support our story today!

(Our original series theme song..)

Foxy and Wolfy is a fun filled magical adventure about a Foxy young spirit guardian with muscular dystrophy, and her Wolfy partner Amaya Bellerose. Spirit guardians are humans who fight the genocidal and blood thirsty demons consumed by hatred. Through the use of spirit keys, both travel between the human and demon worlds to protect their world from nefarious demons seeking chaos.

Misaki Kimura formed the mage group called Avalon's Trustees, a group seeking peaceful relations with the demons. Misaki and Amaya will fight relentlessly for their dreams of peace, justice and loved ones. Will the trustees unpopular view lead to chaos or fruition? Join the ranks of Avalon's trustees today!

Creative Team Members

Kitsune Windsor

Creator, Writer and project manager.

My name is Kitsune Windsor, the creator and the lead writer of Foxy and Wolfy. I am a hybrid manga producer from Los Angeles with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  I started this project as a way to contribute something fun and positive to society. Something that shows how we are all living beings that can be lovely or ugly souls, regardless of orientation,race, gender etc.

I'm putting my heart and soul in to making my story the best it can be. I am the kitsune on wheelz and believe we all deserve to have a happy life!

y wanted to make F/W amazing. She is a hard working artist and produces high quality anime styled art..


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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