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This is the official Patreon of Professor Matthew Raphael Johnson. I'm known for two things: being a renegade academic and nationalist theoretician and, just as importantly, my ability to make very cute babies. 
Other than that, I'm well known as a historian of Russia and Ukraine, but this is broader than my previous projects. The essays presented here will focus on modernism, imperialism and social-nationalism. This is a place to find articles on topics I don't often discuss elsewhere.

My doctorate is in international relations and social philosophy from The University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I've taught at Nebraska, Penn State, Mount Saint Mary's University (both campuses), Penn Highlands College, and many places online. Despite being extremely popular with my students (and I have the professional evaluations to prove it), the official academic world spit me out long ago. Being a gifted teacher, believe it or not, is not rewarded or even sought after in the academic world. 
Today, the university is a parody of scholarship and education. It rewards incompetents and sycophants who use selective ignorance to protect their conscience and speech codes to protect their positions. These vapid functionaries poison young minds with the most formulaic, useless liberal bromide that this institutionalized mediocrity can pretend is an "education" and still take home six figures.
The tenured American professor is a sheltered, shallow and conformist bureaucrat. He's trained to indoctrinate, not teach, and only a handful know how to reach students. Students are not a priority at the typical university. The academic's primary role in society is to give an air of authority and erudition to official leftism.
Consider this Patreon as an electronic Molotov cocktail thrown into a university faculty party. As time goes on, its certainly been treated like one, a fact that gives me great pride. Thanks to my supporters, I've done what these hacks have said for decades I couldn't do: function as a full time academic outside the university. I thank my friends for this and I thank you for this.
Piss your professor off today -- please join me in this struggle.

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