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is creating a standalone surf + bhop game

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About Crayz & Fragsurf Contributors

Fragsurf is bringing bhop and surf movement mechanics to a modern engine.

Join the Discord to learn more and see some screenshots and videos!

Surf and bhop deserve a platform bigger and better than modded Source servers.  Fragsurf aims to do just that by bringing surf and bhop to a modern engine with no limitations.  Movement stays true to Source so you will feel right at home, and backwards compatibility for Source Engine's .bsp map format is implemented so you can still play all of your favorite maps like ski, greatriver, and buck wild.


Fragsurf is bringing back tricksurf with various of your favorite maps including skyworld, japan, and xdream, with thousands of tricks transferred over from the original servers.  More maps to come, as well as all new features to bring tricksurf to another level.

Competitive matchmaking & MMR

Matchmaking is just one of the features which will make Fragsurf shine and truly competitive and enjoyable and bring combat surf to new heights.  Players will be able to queue up to play official matches to test their skill against other players of similar skill.

Bhop & surf speedrunning

Speedrunning will give players a way to chill out and compete against others without the violence.  Complete bhop and surf maps to improve your time and scale the global leaderboards.  The timer will include features like detailed run statistics (strafe sync, strafes, jumps), checkpoints, stages, and world record replays.

Community servers and modding

Community is very important when it comes to surf and bhop.  Community is the reason these gamemodes still exist today, and Fragsurf respects that.  The dedicated server files will be made available so anybody can start up their own servers and build a community.  Dedicated servers can be modded with plugins to alter gameplay in any way you can imagine.  It's also important to give mappers modern tools that make it easy to create.  Fragsurf will ship with a dedicated map making program with powerful and modern features to streamline the map creation process.  There will be no more toying around with vtfs, vmts, mdls, etc, or converting textures and models to work with the engine, because that was never fun.

Fragsurf has been in development since 2017.  Two years of unfunded game development is difficult, and it's even more difficult to push through the final stretch of polishing and releasing the game without funding.  We have already started closed beta testing to weed out bugs in the client and server.  So far testing has gone very smooth. 
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Rapid development year-round to ensure Fragsurf is published not only sooner, but with a higher level of quality.
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