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About Fran Lafferty

Hello and THANK YOU for visiting my Patreon page!  :O>

I am Fran Lafferty: your Friend Fran and a 4-letter F-word (easy to remember that way!)

You may know my "brand names" as Home Education Resources, Printable Spanish, or even Old Muscle Patina.  I used to run separate websites for those and a host of my other interests, beginning in 2004... but I have recently moved everything to, where I am adding constantly to the growing number of digital cards and card decks, puzzles, INTERACTIVITIES (interactive activities) and iPDFs (interactive and printable PDFs) on the site.

As of March 2020, I am also sending out Fran's FREEBIES & News, delivered to your inbox, every other Monday.  CLICK HERE to sign up (for free, of course)!

Much of my work from the past 20 years can be found in my Printables SHOP.  Visit for details on how you can earn credit in my store for giving reviews, and play one of my interactivities to find coupon codes for 20% off your entire order or $5 off any $20 order!

Here's a lil' bit of my online history:

  • In 2004 I started sharing the printables I was creating for my home school, with teachers all over the world through my first website, Home Education Resources.
  • In 2012 my webhost and software provider retired, so I started completely over from scratch, this time building upon a WordPress platform.
  • By 2019 I had over two dozen different websites, covering topics well beyond K-12 subjects.
  • NOW  I have consolidated all my websites, all my widespread interests, and the thousands of pages of materials I have created in the last 15 years, into ONE secure website  that features NEW interactive puzzles and other digital fun stuffs!!

You can encourage me by Becoming a PatronTHANK YOU!! :O>


I am still a "Homeless Nomad" living a nontraditional lifestyle in a small 1988 camper with my soul Mate husband.  We live simply, frugally, and joyfully.  God is Faithful!  :D

If you love God, believe in prayer or at least in the power of gratitude and trust in a "higher power"... I invite you to join me at my little prayer blog page, Praying with the Word.  If you like crosses, you'll also see a ton of eye candy for cross lovers!  :O>

As a BREAK from WORK I always LEARN for FUN!!!  :O>
Here's what I'm learning at the moment...
-- cutting edge web design using Elementor, Pods, and a host of other tools and plugins
-- a variety of topics using the Great Courses Plus (geography, history, psychology, engineering...)
-- ALWAYS practicing a dozen different apps from Adobe Creative Cloud!!

I would LIKE to spend more time doing these things:

-- investigating and recording the natural world
-- creating resources to help others explore nature and other interesting topics


Would you be willing to pledge just $5 per month to encourage me in my work?

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Thank you for visiting, Friend and Amigo!  :O>
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About one penny per month for each page of printables I've created and shared with educators all over the world since 2004.  THANK YOU for giving back to me, friends!  :D
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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