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About Francesca Da Sacco

Hi, I am Francesca, I write and draw for a living, to pay my bills, and to keep dreaming!
Writing and drawing are my passions since I was very very young.

I always pursued personal projects alongside my job, yet for a five-year period of time, I wasn’t able to work on any project of mine, because I’ve got a load of work.

Two years ago, I created this Patreon page and, with the help of my supporters, I started to develop personal projects again.
I desperately needed that! It was like when you are thirsty and need water.

 In the last years I’ve been creating a lot: 
You can read my webcomics MONSTERS and DUSK DWELLERS on Tapastic. I update those pages once in a while.
I’ve also run some successful crowdfunding campaigns to get my books Monsters, Living Dolls and Roanoke published and I’m planning to start a Kickstarter every year with a new project.

So why I’m here asking money?

Because I have plenty of stories still waiting to be developed and finalized and a regular income would help me to take fewer jobs and work more on my stories.

Some of my personal projects, waiting time to be developed:

Roanoke : DONE
The Road of the Lost steps (still has 80 pages of layout, about 10 pages already done, but needs a couple of weeks of intense work to be finalized)
Elena’s memories (working title): a story about my Grandmother, who had Alzheimer’s. Her life as she told it to me, lies, true stories, and a lot of imagination, all mixed together.
DREAMS: a collection of short stories, mostly stories that were waiting to be developed. The book is scheduled for late December 2019.


Dusk Dwellers and Monsters are, and will always be, free to read online.
Thanks for checking out my Patreon!
If you're interested in my books, check out my online shop:


The books I've done since I've started my Patreon account.

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