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About Franco Esteve

The Hunt is out and about! Listen to my new, modern classical crossover album, The Hunt, now here! Thank you patrons for your ongoing support and for helping make it all happen. :) Y'all rock!
––– o –––
I'm an independent, award-winning composer, filmmaker, photographer, writer, and artist. My main focus is mostly on composing music, both for film and for your enjoyment, but as an artist, I'm also the creator of the award-winning, The Doll Chronicles series of short films, as well as photography-poetry books and the Mallorca 360º virtual reality project, creating relaxing 360º VR videos of locations throughout Mallorca (with its own, separate  Patreon).

Listen to one of my modern, classical crossover music singles, The Wait, which the Huff Post review said the following about: 
"(Franco) Esteve has composed a glistening tune that is simultaneously diaphanous and sensitive, yet emancipated and emotive." - Huffington Post, July 2017

Jamsphere magazine's review of another song, Quicksand, said: "Esteve’s ability to create simple and emotive musical narratives is a rare gift to be admired."

Watch (and listen to) the award-winning short film, Consequence, The Doll Chronicles on Vimeo (viewer discretion is advised):

Famed blog, YIKIS, when reviewing The Doll Chronicles series of short films and their music said the following: "Franco Esteve simply knows exactly how to play with and prey on the emotions of a hopeless cinematic movie-soundtrack lover!...  Franco Esteve showcases in one-go not only how a well composed movie soundtrack should sound like, but also smears in the face of many movie producers how it's been done!" - YIKIS, July 2017

Listen to Franco Esteve's interview on the Artist in Showcase segment of The Ed Tyll Show, talking about The Wait, The Doll Chronicles, and more:

Why Patreon?

Producing music, films, and art costs all kinds of money, from equipment to software to food and people. You can participate. You can be part of the process. You can be the fuel that feeds the artist! You'll feed my creativity by freeing me to create! Patreon allows you to participate in the great tradition of the royal patrons of old. I'm your Beethoven, your Da Vinci. Ok, not quite, but I'm your artist, and you'll join me in my journey of creation, getting access to my creative craziness, drafts, art, photos, films, and music, lots of music.

What you get?

  1. You get to feel good because you ARE a patron of old, sponsoring an artist's work.
  2. Access to the process: Drafts and previews of writings, films, unedited content, sheet music, recordings, photos, art, etc.
  3. Content: Early access to final content, patron exclusive content, behind the scenes, and all kinds of extras
  4. Access to the artist: Access to me, to how I do it, to where it comes from, etc.
  5. Participation: You get to participate in the process as I include you in my journey of creation. You get to hear from me directly, and will be able to interact with me and my work.
  6. You get to free the artist to create. Costs go way beyond cost of living to include audio engineers, equipment, instruments, software, all kinds of hardware, way too many hard drives, cameras, crew, actors, food, film festivals, production, etc., etc., etc., so your patronage frees me to dedicate myself to creating art.

When do you get charged?

Patrons get charged once a month only, no matter how much content I create or its value. Whether I create music, writing, art, or film in any given month, you're only charged your chosen patronage each month. So, if you sign up for $10 a month, you will always only be charged $10 a month.

How do you get charged?

Patrons are charged for the amount pledged at the moment you sign up, giving you instant access to the content of your chosen tier, and then the first of the month from the next month forward.  

Thank you for becoming my patron!

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When I reach 100 patrons, I'll create a piece of music to celebrate, which will be given to all patrons, and it'll also be released as a single, thanking patrons.
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