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is creating stupid voices and sometimes animation?

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About Eliot Rae

Ahoy there! My name is not actually Freddery (It's Eliot), and I primarily produce an abridged series on YouTube based on the 1984 "Transformers" cartoon called, "Transformers: Geewun Redone". I play most of the characters, but also I edit the audio/video components and have done some small animated sections within certain episodes. Presently, I am also a full-time student enrolled at QUT in Brisbane, studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries (majoring in Animation).

The purpose of this Patreon is not to live off of, that would be silly, but to give me a little extra scratch to keep me going, also it would supplement the ad revenue I am not getting, on account of the kind of content I am producing. Because I am studying full-time, I am unable to output as much content as I would like to, so to start off with I'm only able to offer the reward tier of what is essentially, "Hey thanks!"

I appreciate any help/support I am able to get and hope to continuously improve regardless. So thanks again for your patronage!

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