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Think of all the things you waste a dollar think of me!  Your dollar contributes to PAP therapy users throughout the world in getting the most out of their therapy.  It also keeps me from looking for other employment.

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I'm Jason, known as "TheLankyLefty".  I am an RPSGT, otherwise known as a sleep technologist. 

I've worked in private labs, public labs, night shift, and day shift.  I've worked on sleep research projects and conducted projects of my own.  I LOVE MY JOB!!!

Several years ago I became frustrated that I was seeing one patient at a time and all seemed to have really simple solutions.  I kept asking myself if there was a way to reach more people than just 4-5 a day.

I made an "embarrassingly bad" website which evolved into a better website.  Then I added an educational YouTube channel (TheLankyLefty27).  Then I added a Forum for easier communication.  All of these media platforms are for the sole purpose of helping those in need and at no cost to them. I want people to have sleep apnea to have a place they can get unbiased information from both professionals and other PAP therapy users. 

Topics that are covered in videos range from complex topics like Cheyne-Stokes Respiration to simple CPAP Mask reviews.  We even throw in some fun videos like how to handle the DME when picking up your CPAP mask and machine.  Then we do one every now and then that is WAY off topic like the William Shatner Rant video. 

This stuff is dry, so I try to deliver it in a way that people feel they're talking to a friend as much as possible.  We try to use humor while remaining respectful. 

The use of and will always remain free so that it can be accessed by anyone in need. 

I am asking that if you like what we are doing and you find that it is beneficial to yourself or to others, please pledge $1-2 per month.  Our media platforms are being utilized more and more and I really need to be able to devote more time to it so that it can function as intended. 

Thank you! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 101 exclusive posts

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