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About FreeSpiiirit

We are Amiiiri Tafari & Triiinity Tafari of Free Spiiirit. Our mission is to always embody freedom of mind, body, & spirit ascending to unending planes as we uplift the culture through the arts. We accomplish this through many avenues from creating handmade holistic crystal jewelry to detabooing nudity and sexuality through body positivity, movement healing, sensual expression, spirituality, health & wellness, FS activism & more. One of the most major outlets we use to accomplish our mission is photography. A picture is worth 1000 words & we create photographic art intended to speak. Here you can gain access to our unreleased, uncensored works.

As creative spiiirits as well as movement artists we believe that Movement is Life. We use yoga & sensual dance as a vehicle of healing and stimulating the chakras through movement. Sacral energy & divine feminine sensuality are our stimualtion and motivation. We are firm believers that it is okay to be sexy! From twerking, floor work, and African dance styles, to comtemporary flow, we love to let our soul expression lead our bodies. Access full length videos of us moving to the rhythm of our sacred souls.

We embrace our nudity and sensuality as well as the sacredness of sexuality & sexual energy. Indulge in our Fantastically Free Fetish Tiers for levels of access to our sexual empowerment. 
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We want to be able to travel more so that we may come & spread love to FreeSpiiiritTribers all over the world! We want to put on events, host retreats & gatherings, etc. in more than just our current city. It is our desire to spread love, light & FreeSpiiiritLife to every corner of the globe. Reaching this goal would enable us to do just that!

Many thanks & many blessings to every single one of you that is helping make that happen.
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