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It's really important to us for everybody involved with the free store to be equally valued, so we're not giving out special reward stuff to people who already have enough privilege to give $10 a month. If enough people give, we'll all get to shop more comfortably and conveniently, and you'll have the warm cozy feeling of knowing you used your privilege to help people who have less than you do.




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Argh, I can't figure out how to stop your pledges from going through. If you got charged incorrectly for February/January 2017, let me know and I will refund your money. I've reset the Patreon to not do this again, but it would be better to also cancel your pledge to be on the safe side.

I'm sorry - I was trying to set up something for the future, but didn't realize it would think I wanted to charge you now! 

Karen (red-faced)


We're the PDX Free Store! We hold monthly free stores in Portland, Oregon - a free store is like a big multi-family rummage sale, only without the prices. Everything is free! Everybody is welcome! Anyone can bring things, and anyone can take home as much as they want. We accept and give away clothes, shoes, books, CDs, DVDs, plants, food, dishes, silverware, costumes, sports equipment, cooking pots, toys, baby stuff, chairs, and whatever else comes our way.

Now we'd like to take it to the next level. Many of you have asked why we don't have a permanent location. We agree, a permanent location would be great! We could be open every day! We could make sure to have clothes and shoes in everybody's size!

And now we have a great opportunity to take over the old Black Rose free store on NE Mississippi Ave! Portland Collective Housing owns the store, and they're interested in renting it to us for $1200 a month if we can raise the money.
So let's raise it! We're asking for $10 subscriptions each from 150 people.

If you've got enough privilege to have $10 to spare every month - two cups of coffee? a burger for lunch? - please remember that there are many people in Portland who don't have it, and use your privilege to support your community - and to be able to shop for free clothes, books, CDs, and everything else you need whenever you want to! 
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Pay $1200 monthly rent plus utitlites on a permanent free store location in NE Portland where we can all shop whenever we want to and always be sure of finding what we are looking for no matter what size we are or what our needs are.
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