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Thanks for stopping by and considering my project!

For over a decade, I have been researching why the world is sooooo messed and how to truly fix it and, during that time, I have occasionally blogged about my ideas, thoughts, and revelations. I am agonizingly liberal, passionate, and very outspoken and would love to be able to support myself with my writing and activism. My work here will concentrate on my online activism where I will write about the things that you do not talk about in polite conversation: politics, religion, and sexuality. Yes, I am a hoot at parties! =)

Sooner than later, I also do want to run for office so I can put my knowledge and ideas into action and not just have them sit there on my blog. I hope with our time together here will allow us to have in depth and revelatory discussions as well as fine tune my thoughts and policy ideas so we can really change the world by raising awareness of the issues and the solutions for them. I would love to be able to make enough money through this to not have to worry about getting a second job which is where you and Patreon come in. =)

Policies to Transform the World: If you wanted to know what sort of policies I would run on if I ran for office then this post would be it: Policies to Transform the World

Local Discussion Group: Soon, I also plan on facilitating a local discussion group at our Yoga studio titled Transforming the World: Conversations on Social, Economic, Political, and Sustainable Policy which will cover the same topics that I write about on my blog. Donations and support for that will be through here also.

Here is my About Me page on my blog if you really want a much more in depth look into me.

Blog Posts and Topics

To give you an idea as the sort of things I write about here is a sample of the titles and subjects I have written on:

Politics: I have written about such topics as:

I have been working on a book to distill the ideas from Jacque Frescoe, the amazing visionary behind The Venus Project.

Religion: I have written about such topics as:

I had been working on a book on religion that I have done a lot of research and writing on which would be titled something like 'All the things they did not teach you in church or Sunday school!" covering non-controversial and factual things like: the languages the bible was written in, the early sects of Christianity, the languages that Jesus may have spoken, and so on.

Sexuality: I have written about such topics as:

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