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$1 means you can give something to help others to find Freedom in their lives,  I can then allocate more time and work creating better content that can help others. Thank you so much!
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$9.99  less than 3 cups of coffee, gives you any content I create on financial freedom and email support/ access to my email to ask one question a month . You also will get special offers for my coaching and online courses not available anywhere else.

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Be mentored by us to make more money and clarify your Vision and Purpose in life. Align your values to live as the best version of you!   Includes Up to 4 x 45 minute Sessions.




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About Freedom Mindset

We are life coaches, investors and entrepreneurs. 

I want this Patreon to be a place for you to get anything we create on Financial Freedom, so if this is one of your goals or you like helping others to become more free, then sign up let#s help peopel crreate more choice and Freedom in their life, and let's build a movement together.
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