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Entrepreneurial Spirit!

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  • This will help me to continue my work and motivate me to develop the strategies and allow me to keep having the time to post my stock input and guidance on an almost daily basis.  
  • This also helps me to educate those looking into making more money through a variety of different ventures and helping to educate them! 
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    Freelance Education

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    This tier allows me to help provide more substantial resources for those seeking to get help with FREELANCING and education in regards to stock strategies. In the Discord, check under "Freelancer Education" for the resources you'll be helping to build. In the "Freelance Chat" and through DM's, I can also acknowledge and work on a resource page/video as per your request if you're part of this tier.

      Freelance Guidance

      per month

      Through this tier, you'll have access to a "Freelancer Guidance" area in which you can inquire to me about anything you had in mind and i'll answer in-depth to the best of my ability and WORK WITH YOU to help you achieve your freelancing/stock market goals. This includes walking you through things like setting up a website, setting up proper keywords for your website/helping you build a brand, and more.  If you're looking for a mentor, this tier essentially helps to allow me to dedicate more "one on one" time with you. If you order this tier, make sure to contact me via DM's on Discord to set your roles up.



        About Freelancepreneur

        Hey everyone, this PATREON will be for the help of supporting the website, Youtube channel, and Discord channel( ) and allow me to keep offering you up additional resources for making you money online, freelancing, and stock strategies as well as the continued alerts posted. It will also be for the STOCKABILITIES and upcoming POINT OF VIEW REVIEWS youtube channel which will feature reviews of physical products. Without your continued support eventually I will no longer be able to continue providing alerts and providing you with additional resources to help you grow as a freelancer or stock trader/investor.

         Any size donation can help. Specific benefits for supporting the channel: I will be able to create more resource pages, I will be able to create better quality videos, I will have more time to help guide you if you have any questions, I will be able to better help market freelancers to get them the jobs they're looking for and much more.
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        If I achieve this goal, it gives me enough money to play around with to experiment with without impacting other funds and allows me to show you just how effective the day trading strategies can be as well as helping to develop resources for the sole purpose of education on a non-costly basis for helping individuals to learn about stocks and ROI % and help to educate about various ventures and learn how to become a freelancer.
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