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About Free To Just Be

Mirella here – your animal freedom educator– welcoming you to The Free To Just Be Patreon page!

When you support us through Patreon, you’re not only supporting the creation of animal freedom videos, but you’re also supporting the creation of the Documentary about the Horse-Drawn Carriage BAN in Montreal.

Your support will help purchase video software and equipment as well as promote Animal Freedom Content on social media to reach audiences far and wide.

Special thanks for the photo of the 3 mares and for the advocacy of the loving team over at Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary.
So how does all of this work? Glad you asked! Here are the basics:

First things first, what is Patreon?

Unlike a Kickstarter (where you donate a one-time amount of money to one big project), Patreon is ongoing. It's easy to sign up. We operate on a monthly pledge model, so you just pick a donation level- $2, $5, $10, etc, to be charged once a month.

For example, if you choose to pledge $5, you only ever get charged $5 each month. No surprises.

(You can also pledge custom amounts! $8, $12, $32, the choice is yours.)

Rewards and Pledge Levels

Each pledge level has rewards associated with it, everything from bonus online content to physical items EXCLUSIVELY for our Patrons!

Even if you cannot pledge anything, just sharing the content we create (all of which is free) helps spread the ANIMAL FREEDOM message and educate people on their options.


Mirella Colalllo & The Free To Just Be Team!
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"When I reach $1000 per month, I’ll start a special video series about sanctuaries replacing zoos."
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