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You think what I do is great and want to support it, but don’t necessarily want to shout your appreciation of me to the world? I got you fam. This tier will give you my endless appreciation for your support of my work, but I'll not mention to anyone that you’re doing. It’ll be just between the two of us (and anyone looking through my patrons or your patronages). 😘


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Official patron status. This means you'll get my endless appreciation for joining my team. Plus:

  • Any new applications or new features I make, I will do my best to credit your support in some sane way. (This may not always be possible, especially when contributing to other people’s projects/software/code.)
  • You will also get the special "patron" role on my Discord.


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Buying your way into my ❤️, are you?! Well, it’s working! You’ll get all benefits from above, and I’ll also be reaching out to you in case I have any questions about where I to take my Patreon or other online presences in the future. You’re also welcome to reach out to me anytime and ask me what’s up or give me suggestions. If you have a Twitter, Instagram, etc., let me know, and I'll follow you!

I will probably add more to this tier later. Feel free to suggest rewards that might be appropriate here!




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About Freso

¡Hola! I’m Freso, and let me tell you: I’m absolutely in love with the open source/data movement! I think it is hands down one of the greatest liberating and equalising movements in our modern digital “information age”.

Due to this belief, I spend a lot of time contributing in various ways to a large number of projects. I’ve been known to submit open data to MusicBrainz, AcousticBrainz, ListenBrainz, OpenStreetMap, LOOT; write open source code for several of the aforementioned as well as whipper, beets, Drupal, and far too many others to remember; translate software (mostly to Danish); provide bug reports and code review; provide user support; and probably lots of other things I can’t recall as I'm writing this.

All this volunteer and activist work doesn’t really pay well (when it pays at all!), so any financial aid would allow me to continue focus on this, rather than putting my time and energy elsewhere.

My dayjob is a part time job at the MetaBrainz Foundation where I do many of these same things in my role as community manager, but with a focus on the various *Brainz projects (with MusicBrainz, being our biggest and oldest project, getting most of the attention). Not all of what I do for the various *Brainz’es I do is paid though, and since it is only a part‐time job, I only just make enough to get by.

Why should I give you money?

Since I believe in openness and freedom of information, I’m not going to lock any content away from you. You should donate if you wish to support my endeavours; if you don’t, you’re still free and welcome to enjoy the fruit of them. :)

Some things I will do with this Patreon page for people for follow me or maybe even support me financially includes:

  • Periodical updates with a status of what I’ve contributed to what projects since last update. Help decide if this should be weekly or monthly!
  • Foster a community of people who believe in openness and freedom of information who can hopefully help each other out.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. I’d love to hear from you!


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Bi‐weekly Twitch live streams. These can be of me playing games, doing open data editing, or open source coding. I’ll ask all of you what you want to see when we reach it!
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