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Soylent Green
$1 or more per month 22 of 30 patrons
An absolute steal with more images posted here than posted on my Facebook and Tumblr combined. Unlock my work with just a dollar a month. Thank you!
  • Access to patron-only content
  • Connect with other patrons
  • News of future shoots and travels
  • Quick edits from shoots after they happen
The Color Purple
$3 or more per month 2 of 50 patrons
The same as the $1 tier but with extra thanks :D
Men in Black
$5 or more per month 11 patrons
Previews on the higher reward sets.
  • A set of at least 18 images every 2 weeks (from March 25th)
  • Plus all previous rewards
A Clockwork Orange
$10 or more per month 4 patrons
A serious help towards reaching my goals, thank you..
  • Another set of at least 18 images from shoots past and present every 2 weeks
  • Plus all previous rewards
Betty Blue
$15 or more per month 5 patrons
Get the highest-quality versions of my work.
  • Every 2 weeks 30-40 images from shoots past and present.
  • Plus all previous rewards
Pretty in Pink
$20 or more per month 5 patrons
As a patron, you'll be recognized for making my work possible.
  • Behind the scenes images, fun out-takes
  • Set of the month, 40+ images, fun sets and specials
  • Plus all previous rewards