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H, Thank you so much for making your way to our Patreon page, I'm Ramesh (Ravone). And I love games (especially classic)

FrogSquare is a Indie game studio, I've spent some years developing desktop applications and game designing/programming I love games (really), But when I play them some time things dont go the way I wanted them to go. Always a spot when I dont what to go. So I started creating Clones for me and my friends to play and thus here I am, Support me and I promise you to get open sourced tools for faster game development:

# Link & Dots: Link & Dots
# Goofi (Abstract Puzzle platformer): Goofi
# GodotAI (Godot Utility AI): GodotAI

If you are uncomfortable with Patreon, I also have paypal:

Twitter | FaceBook |
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I can work on some open sourced project Tools / Games / Godot Modules / GDNative Libraries
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