Frogsnack is creating SCHOLAR, the Webcomic!

Access to the Audio Vault!

$1 /mo
One of the key ways I've kept myself in sync with the story and world of Scholar over the years is though Audio Notes! These are recordings I make on my own time that I can reference later that hel...

World Building; Charts, Notes, Illustrations

$3 /mo
-World building. New world data will come out on Thursdays avail for any pledge level. The world of Scholar is huge. There are 22 tribes of the ancient realms, all with inherent abilities depending...

Eny's Advice and Survival Guide

$5 /mo
In addition to World building:
-Eny's Advice Guide! At this pledge level you will gain access to advice from the Scholar himself (assuming you asked him a question). Keep in mind he will use hi...

Drawing Tips & Advice

$7 /mo
In addition to Audio Notes, World building and Eny's advice:

-You may send one ilustration a month to the creator of Scholar for objective, technical critique (not story or aesthetic advice unle...


A unique sketch in your Inbox

$12 /mo
In addition to the Audio Vault, World building, Eny's advice and Drawing Tips:
-Sketch in box! At this pledge level I will send a new colored sketch of a character from Scholar and send the hi-...

Join the TRIBE

$20 /mo
In addition to ALL previous tiers:
-Join the Oniadion Tribe of your choice! At this pledge level I will create a  Scholar version of you as a character from Scholar (I cannot guarentee you will...