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About Froosty

!!! Hello guys !!!

Hey There! I am Froosty the owner of Gearz. Me and my friends are spending time, daily, to develop the bot and implement more new and exciting features. But we have come across a massive problem which every developer faces in his life, yeah you guessed it right, Funding. As we are students we can't afford to run the bot 24/7 by ourselves and continue it's development.

We don't like asking for money, but we also don't think that this bot will continue on without financial support. We will appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts if you decide to support the bot developers and want us to continue making the bot better. If you decide to donate, you will get some awesome perks! Like, a cool Patreon role in the official server to signify that you have supported the bot. Secondly, commands only for you guys to use, and much more.

If you like the bot, consider donating to the project, a small amount is also contributing immensely to the progress and the future of this bot.

!!! Thanks !!!

~ Froosty
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I will be able to pay for a dedicated server monthly fee, which means bot will be fast and responsive.

This is the bare minimum we need to keep Gearz alive!
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