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About Alexander "FrownyFace" Danes

In response to ongoing and rampant "fake science" coverage of nutrition and health. I have had enough. I intend to fight back against bad journalism and corrupt literature with peer reviewed data. To educate the world and undo the damage caused by misinformation.

Knowledge, truly is power. But now, it is being used for ideological agenda driven efforts. To fight back, we must use hard data and present the information plainly. The public must become self educated to steer away from mainstream media influence. This is where I come in.

I specialize in researching peer review literature and translating it into easy to understand academic papers/journals. I want everyone to be able to read my writing and come away smarter and better armed against a world that lies to you for the sake of profit.

I do this in absolute reverence and servitude to human kind. I am angry over injustice, and want to help the world. The burden of knowledge carries with it obligation to pass it on to others.

If you want to support my efforts and liberate my writing process, I must humbly prostrate myself and ask for help. I work a day job that takes me away from writing. More funds make it possible to dedicate to writing full time.

If you want a sample of my writing you are welcome to read my Article on Metabolic Syndrome:

Additionally you are welcome to read my primer on Ketogenic Diet which can be found on Reddit's Ketoscience, which I moderate:

I will do this alone if I have to, but your support will be accepted with tearful gratitude.
As a broke college student (California University, Fresno) I need all the help I can get.

I will not let you down.

Future projects:
-Carbohydrate Tolerance
-Vegan Diet/Plant Based Diets
-The Diet of Conquerors (Romans/Mongols/Viking)
-How to Get Shredded: An academic review on Maximizing Endogenous Fat Oxidation
-Flawed Methodology in Low Carb High Fat Diet Experiments

Priority will be allocated based on supporter vote.


Additional Goals:

Entirely self funded Website dedicated to sharing all compiled data and research paper for free.
Paid for entirely by donation:

-All Research Papers will be available and easy to access
-Diet plans
-Exercise plans


You may find me on Reddit's ketoscience:

Or follow me on Twitter:
[email protected]

I also have a Go Fund Me:

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