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About FuROCK Radio

What Are We All About?
So, here at FuROCKalypse Radio (FuROCK For Short), we play the best Rock and Metal tracks! Mainstream FM radio is a shit-show and we don't care much for it. Great radio comes from great folks who want to be personable with their audience.We play pretty much anything that involves a guitar or two, a person that uses their voice, some dude that plays a bass and semi-annually gets laid, probably some dude on a keyboard and a drummer that doesn't get paid enough so, listen for some old punk, deathcore, djenty shit, alternative rock, metal, death metal, hard rock, classic rock, etc. throughout the day at the FuROCK Radio website!

What Kind Of People Are Working With FuROCK Radio?
We're based out of the Interwebs and we plan to one day be running an FM station. Our world-wide audience consists of many different types of people, but those "running the show" are made up of a bunch of weird idiots. We're basically a bunch of self-hating individuals that have only one redeeming quality; We only listen to that good shit and want you all to be able to as well.

We absolutely love to partner with other companies as well and love to feature them on our website and social media! Click on the link to see who we're currently partnered with!
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At $100 a month, FuROCK Radio will be able to:
• Afford new music as it rolls out.
• Upgrade our automation system and keep it paid
• Buy a McDonalds Happy Meal

This would be a huge milestone for us, but would also allow us to endeavor into more projects that would include more things for our community!
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