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Hello everyone!

I have been drawing to make money for different purposes since 3 years by now. It first started as a thing I tried to do while attending school and helping my family at a convenient store we own and the main reason why I did so was to be able to save for a trip to see my love again. Right now, I am typing this all from his computer, things worked out nicely so far and my current goal is plain survival here while trying to save as much as possible to be able to invest it into something bigger later on. This artist job is my only and i was recommended to use patreon in order to make making a living easier, while I work on commissions every day. Soooo here I am! O:

Some might know me as famous/infamous in the furry community. I've been posting a ton of stuff, most of which are commissions, making a living out of them, while not doing much that would be considered 'my own thing' which I just really haven't found a passion for.. I do love drawing cute stuff in general and eventually I'd like to try myself at perhaps publishing a silly comic strip with my and my husbands fursonas, just for the silliness of it, but besides that, I just draw things. <://T

Why support me?.. If you have a bit to spare it's greatly appreciated and the funds would go towards either bills, food or savings, seldom on bags of apples and blueberries, making my life a little easier and eventually allow me to take on personal projects, too. For now, I would like this to work like a little tip jar of some sort, where anyone who feels like they like my stuff can leave a dollar or two, while I am still working on commissions as my full time job every day.

Thank you so kindly all you who read this and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support! <3

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