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About William Archer Chastain

Full-Hilt is a J-RPG set 200 chapters(Years) after the hero's lost their final battle against evil. The game follows four different characters, each with there own story happening at the same time. Zack is the King of Pirates, searching the Land of The Sky for 6 items known as the Dark Treasures. Armion is the Ambassador of Monsters and despite his protests, find himself at the heart of several prophecies. Chuckles is an Improvised King to a small kingdom called the Land of Spades and is currently fighting a Rebellion against one of the main antagonist's: Higgles.
Victoria is the worlds greatest Assassin and works for Higgles, but she finds herself wondering if she's on the right side of the war. It's up to you to decide their fates and help bring an end to the fighting.
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