Wave 53 Studios is creating Full Invasion 2

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Access to Patron-only Feed + Discord Role - In addition to supporting us, contributing at this level will grant you an exclusive role on our Discord Server and give access to our P...

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No Additional Bonuses - For only one dollar more you will be giving us twice the amount of support that you would have at the previous tier.

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Early Downloads + Previous Rewards - Patrons at this level will receive early access to all upcoming versions before they are released on our platforms.

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Monthly Chat with Devs + Previous Rewards - Patrons at this level will be invited to monthly chats with developers to discuss progress on our projects. You’ll be one of the first ...

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Name in Credits + Shoutout + Previous Rewards - As well as receiving all previous rewards, contributing at this level will reserve a place for your name/username in the credits of ...

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Exclusive Chat Color + Previous Rewards - After contributing for two months at this level, you will be given exclusive Supporter tags across all servers, official and private, run...

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Design a Legendary Item + Previous Rewards - At this level you will personally create a legendary item for the game with the help of a developer. You will choose the type of weapon...

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Design a Minor Boss + Previous Rewards - With the help of a developer, you will create a minor boss to support the developers in the final boss wave across all factions and maps in...

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Design a Major Boss + Previous Rewards - By contributing at this level, you’re showing that you’re our biggest support by far. In addition to all previous rewards, you will have t...