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What is FullThrottle Media?
FullThrottle Media is a newly-established online outlet that aspires to deliver the best on automotive culture and racing games with high-quality articles and video coverage. We’re also very passionate about the idea of telling stories, and we want to tell the stories of racing games that often aren’t told through curated coverage. Whether it’s from interviews or behind-the-scenes work, we aim to deliver feature-rich content that won’t be found anywhere else.

We’re launching out Patreon page as an alternative form of income for our team over website advertising. FullThrottleMedia.co.uk serves absolutely no ads to its users – our website delivers an ad-free experience, which means there’s no slowdown, no automatic ad-playing videos, and no irritating banners to distract from the overall experience. It’s all our very best content, curated for our fans, readers, and viewers.

FullThrottle is looking for Patreon backers to help us fulfil our vision. We’ll be using any monetary gain from Patreon to cover travel costs for events, website development costs for additional features based on fan-feedback, server and bandwidth costs, and new equipment to help with us with producing coverage.

We’ll also attend events to bring you the latest and most in-depth coverage online. All of our staff have written at other outlets and have experience of reporting news and announcements from live events. From E3 and Gamescom to Goodwood and Formula 1 – and even eSports events like the Forza Racing Championship, we’ll be bringing you the latest info you need to know from the world of video games and competitive Motorsport.

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Want to get in contact with our team or tell us about a cool project you’re working on? Send an email to [email protected], and we’ll be in touch.
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