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About Fun Arts for Kids

Fun Arts for Kids is a fun YouTube Channel dedicated for all kids, aiming to reach to the best level it can to present what enriches the kids creativity and how to use Arts as an amazing tool to express our feelings and ideas.
It's a one woman show, my goal is to always develop my skills and the quality of the content presented in my videos, with your help I will be able to collect the creative artwork that is produced in these videos and finally publish simple Coloring Books for Kids which should be easy to obtain for All and enjoy the artistic feeling behind colors and coloring itself, to use it as an easy way of expressing feelings !
Thank you for your support.
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When I reach $1,000 per month, I'll print Free Coloring books with crayons.
Depending on the best QTY I'll get, will distribute them among the schools Kindergarten in our city Windsor Ontario-Canada, The drawing book will include drawings produced in our channel's videos.
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