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About Funbie Studios

Since 3d printing came strongly onto the consumer scene in 2012, we've been intrigued by what it can mean for everyday individuals and hobbyists.

Since then, we have also been working on and releasing a host of new 3d printable models which we have shared via Thingiverse ( so that these designs can also be shared and 3d printed by everyone globally.

Currently, we focus on creating (1) 3d printable toy accessories (most notably for Transformers) and (2) functional 3d prints.

While these are available on our webstore, it is our intention to release as many of these to our patrons also to thank y'all kind folks for the support.

For now, we are keeping Patreon simple with a single basic tier so that anyone who is keen can easily join in the fun without the costs being too overbearing!


On the side, we have also felt dearly a need to also create a vibrant 3d printing community here in Singapore. To this end, we occasionally host the Singapore 3D Printing Meetup so that everyone can come together to put forth new ideas, create novel ideas with 3d printing and also support others in their journey to get started and utilize 3d printing in their lives.

This series of events can be found here -


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Thank you for your support in helping us continue this journey and we're stoked to be able to have you along for the ride! =)
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